We invite to participate in tender proceedings
in regard to the project:
"Innovative technology for the production
of steamed dough"

Our company

Since our founding in 1984, we have been manufacturing and working as a family business, which over the years has grown from a small local plant to a company recognized in the domestic and foreign markets. Our success is the people who are with us. They create and are able to combine the production of traditional confectionery products with modern technology and automatization of production processes.

We are developing dynamically, we employ highly qualified employees, whose successive generations are joining our ranks. Thanks to our active participation in foreign trade fairs, we invest in the latest technological solutions and machines that ensure the repeatability of production creating its high quality.

We are a stable company, working in the domestic and international markets. Our responsibility for the quality and safety of the products we offer is confirmed by the international certificates BRC, IFS, Halal, KAT and the satisfaction of our customers.

The history of our company


Purchase of industrial plots and expansion of the company’s area to over 17 hectares, change of the company’s name to BRZEŚĆ Sipa sp.k.


the company’s name changed to BRZEŚĆ Sipa sp.j.


Start the production of puffs to fill and meringues in a tunnel oven


Completing the process of full automatization of the line by purchasing a palletizing machine collecting packaged products in cartons from three packaging lines


Purchase of automatic cartoners collecting bags and placing them into boxes


Buying a second automatic line for the production of choux pastry, and expanding the assortment to the production of crunchy puff with seeds


Start the production of choux pastry assortment on a new line, with a fully automated process of feeding raw materials, breaking and passing eggs for production, mixing, steaming and cooling the pastry, including packaging the products into bags


Start of construction of a new production building with an area of more than 5,000 m²


Expansion of the company to a size of 1700 m²


Change of the company name to “Brześć” sp.j. Zakład Piekarniczo Cukierniczy Wiesław Sipa i wspólnicy, extension of the assortment with the production of sugar and cinnamon crunchy puff


Purchase of parcels of land next to the company and expansion of the area to over 2 hectares


Expanding the product range to include the production of crunchy puff with sugar and puff croutons


Expansion of the product range with the production of croissants with vanilla cream and crispy cookies


Further expansion of the plant, building a raw material warehouse, external packaging warehouses, workshops and the main entrance with social facilities


Expansion of the assortment to include yeast cakes, poppy seed cakes, doughnuts, cupcakes, filled puffs


Purchase of a complete line for the production of croissants and puff pastries


purchase of a complete production line for croissants and sandwich cakes


Start manufacturing salty sticks, muffins, cream filled rolls, waffles and ice cream wafer cups


Construction of a 460 sq. m. storied production facility


Purchase of a 5,600 m² plot of land in Brześć Kujawski

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